Toddler Shoes made with Genuine Leather in Premium Quality

Watching a baby taking his first step is an amazing moment. After my son, Lucas, took his first step, I received his first pair of shoes from a friend - a pair of baby moccasins made by leather. So later when Lucas cruised around, I often had him wearing those moccasins. At that time I had no idea what baby should be wearing in this early stage. And I didn’t realize how magical these baby moccasins are compared to other shoes. I only knew that they were so easy to put on and they seem very comfortable on my little one. Later my parents gave Lucas a pair of sneakers and tennis shoes. And I bought more tennis shoes and sandals. However, none of them are as good as those leather moccasins. How come? Little Lucas’s feet are a bit wide. Therefore, his feet can hardly go into those shoes that have narrow openings. Also, most of these shoes are made with non-flexible materials, and the toe caps are narrow. Only the leather moccasins have roomy toe caps that fits Lucas chubby feet. Furthermore, while wearing those regular toddler shoes with hard and stiff soles, Lucas could not walk right. Babies are not full developed and they are more unbalanced with those hard soles. Lastly, Lucas's feet sweat a lot wearing sneakers and tennis shoes. However, with the genuine leather moccasins, his feet does not sweat very much because of the leather’s breathable and absorbent characters.

Happy Babies, Happy Mommies
Seeing Lucas walked naturally while wearing his leather moccs was a relief for me. These shoes are not just lovely decoration, but served a practical means in his early walking stages. They protected his little feet from hitting hard objects a numerous times. In addition, the American Podiatric Medical Association suggests babies wearing lightweight and flexible footwear made of natural materials.  I will post their guide on Children's Foot Health in my BLOG.   

With so many benefits on leather moccasins, I feel a need to share with everyone especially moms, grandmas, and aunties about how good these shoes are. I know when we grew up, baby moccasins were not popular, and we didn't know much about them. And nowadays we see numerous brands and huge price differences from all the online shops. I know it's hard to choose from. There are many faux leather shoes out in the market that are sold in super low prices and they are not quality products. Their paint peel off right away, the stitches fell off, and the soles broke easily after one wear or they do not stay. As a mom, I know how important it is for a toddler to wear functional shoes, both indoors and outdoors. I truly believe a good pair of shoes can carry people to their destination happily. 

In a big enthusiasm of designing comfortable and stylish moccasins, I will periodically introduce new patterns and colors. I make sure all of the shoes we made are made with high quality materials. Every pair is quality checked before it gets shipped out. Overall, every kid to the parents is unique, and precious, and they only grow once. As parents, we wish them to grow healthily, and take their every step with great confidence. 

 Every baby is a star. 

 Jessie from Pasadena, California

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